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Exercises to Tone Women's Chest Muscles

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Exercises to Tone Women's Chest Muscles
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Underneath women's breasts are pectoral muscles. These muscles are responsible for pushing and pulling movements. Pectoral strengthening exercises can also give your breasts a lift and prevent premature breast sagging. To build up your breast muscles, complete four sets of six to 12 repetitions of three to four pectoral strengthening exercises one day per week.


Pushups are a fairly common exercise but they offer many benefits for your pectoral muscles. A regular pushup is done on your hands and feet with your back in a straight line. By bending your elbows you work to lower and lift your body. To perform a modified pushup, place your hands on an elevated surface instead of the floor. Start at about chest level and gradually lower the surface that you place your hands on until you can perform a pushup on the floor. You can also perform a modified pushup on your hands and knees; be sure to keep your back straight while performing this exercise.

When you master pushups and desire more of a challenge you can perform decline pushups by placing your feet on a raised surface such as a chair or a step. You can further alter your pushups for more of a challenge by placing your hands farther apart, closer together and close enough to touch.

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Chest Press

The chest press can be performed with a barbell or a set of dumbbells. This exercise should be performed slowly to ensure you are engaging your entire chest and getting the most of the exercise. The starting position for this exercise is on your back on a bench or similar surface with your arms straight in the air holding your weight. To perform a chest press, lower your arms in a controlled manner, stop when the weight is at your chest and press back upward.

Chest Flys

The chest fly simulates an opening and closing motion with your arms. To perform this exercise start on your back on a bench, keep your arms straight, turn your palms toward one another. Slowly lower the weights until your arms are level with the ground and lift back upward.


Dips are normally used to build arm, shoulder and back muscles, but can also be used to strengthen pectoral muscles. By leaning forward slightly while performing a dip, you can isolate your chest muscles. Two forms of dip machines are commonly used: an assisted dip machine and dip bars. An assisted dip machine is a weighted system that allows you to select a weight to lift and is helpful for less advanced fitness levels. To perform a dip on this machine select the appropriate weight for your strength, stand on the designated pads for your feet, hold onto the handlebars, lower your body as far as you can and press back upward. Dip bars are free standing and require you to lift and lower all of your body weight. To use dip bars hold onto the handlebars, jump up or press upward so that your arms are straight and your body is hanging in between the bars, bend your arms to lower your body as far as you can and press back upward.

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