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How to Perform Kundalini Yoga at Home

author image Tracey Allison Planinz
A professional writer since 2008, Tracey Planinz writes articles on natural health, nutrition and fitness. She holds a doctorate and two professional certifications in her field, and continues to develop her education with additional classes and seminars. She has provided natural health consultations and private fitness instruction for clients in her local community.
How to Perform Kundalini Yoga at Home
The image of a coiled snake waiting to strike represents kundalini energy. Photo Credit isolated snake five image by Paul Moore from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>

In yogic terms, kundalini is the energy of the first chakra, or energy center in the body, and is responsible for libido and other characteristics related to survival. Kundalini literally means coiled, and it is through devotion and the practice of yoga that this energy may be released. Although this powerful form of yoga is typically practiced under the direction of a guru, or master, a few basic steps can be followed on your own at home. Always consult a medical doctor before beginning this or any fitness program.

Kundalini Series

Step 1

How to Perform Kundalini Yoga at Home
Kundalini yoga practice begins with deep breathing exercises. Photo Credit yoga image by Patrizier-Design from Fotolia.com

Come to a comfortable seated posture and close your eyes. Take several deep breaths and begin to relax. Practice several minutes of Ujjayi or ocean breath. Following deep breathing, gently roll the neck and shoulders to loosen the joints and muscles, and prepare for asana practice, or yoga postures.

Step 2

How to Perform Kundalini Yoga at Home
Yoga twists can be practiced with the legs crossed, or with one leg extended. Photo Credit yoga pose image by chinatiger from Fotolia.com

Begin to twist the spine while seated in a cross-legged position. Sit upright with the hands on the knees. Inhale and lift the chest. Exhale and twist around to the right, looking over the right shoulder while pressing the left hand against the outside of the right leg to deepen the twist. Make sure the spine is erect, and not arched or hunched. Inhale and twist back to the front. Exhale and twist to the left, looking over the left shoulder and pressing the right hand on the outside of the left leg. Repeat these steps two to three more times on each side.

Step 3

How to Perform Kundalini Yoga at Home
Cobra pose provides a gentle back bend. Photo Credit stretching image by Steve Lovegrove from Fotolia.com

Loosen the spine with cobra pose. Lie flat on the mat, face down. Place the hands under the shoulders, elbows tucked in. Inhale and press the body up, looking upward. Do not sink into the shoulders. Breath deeply and hold for at least three breaths. Lie back down or rest in child's pose with the knees bent, hips resting on the heels.

Step 4

Continue moving the energy up and down the spine with cat-cow pose. Come onto your hands and knees. Inhale and look upward. Exhale and arch the back. Repeat this two more times. For the next two sets of cat-cow, extend one leg behind on the inhalation and bring the knee to the chest on exhalation. Do at least three repetitions for each leg.

Step 5

How to Perform Kundalini Yoga at Home
Headstand reverses the flow of energy. Photo Credit yoga image by Jiang Bin Ping from Fotolia.com

Reverse the flow of energy by practicing inversion poses such as shoulder stand and head stand. To come into headstand, begin on your hands and knees, resting down on the elbows and forearms. Interlace the fingers and place the crown of the head against the hands. Straighten the knees and walk the legs up one at a time, raising them slowly toward the ceiling. Focus and breathe deeply in this position for up to one minute.

Step 6

Lie flat on the mat with your hands at your sides and your feet open comfortably. Close your eyes and roll the head gently from side to side. Continue to breathe deeply as you tighten and release all the muscle groups of the body one at a time, from the feet all the way up to the head, face and scalp. When finished with this exercise, lie still for another five to 10 minutes in total relaxation.

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