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How to Install a Graco Booster Seat

author image Daniel Barrows
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How to Install a Graco Booster Seat
A child is in a booster seat in a car. Photo Credit Sergej Petrakov/Hemera/Getty Images

Graco booster seats are products designed to help secure a child in the back seat of a car or van. They are similar in appearance to baby seats, but they use one of the vehicle's own shoulder-and-lap safety straps instead of a built-in harness system. As such, they are well-suited to children who are too large for a baby seat, but not quite big enough for the shoulder-and-lap strap to secure them safely. Installing a Graco booster seat is fairly straightforward, but you must take care to ensure that the safety strap is properly positioned when in use.


Step 1

Place the booster seat in the vehicle's back seat, next to one of the shoulder-and-lap safety straps. If desired, remove the back support by pushing it forward until it disengages from the booster seat. Once you have removed the support, insert the shoulder-belt positioning strap through the seat's rear guide and use the attached loop to secure it in place.

Step 2

Push the booster seat against the back seat as far as possible. Place your child into the booster seat, then pull the safety strap over the seat and child.

Step 3

Pass the sections of the strap underneath the arm rests, then insert the end of the strap into the safety buckle.

With Back Support

Step 1

Position the shoulder strap over your child's shoulder. Slide the shoulder strap into the guide on the seat's headrest.

Step 2

Ask your child to lean forward, then grip the handle located on the rear of the back support. Push the red adjustment button to disengage the back support lock.

Step 3

Position the bottom edge of the headrest next to the child's shoulders. Release the red adjustment button to engage the back support lock.

Without Back Support

Step 1

Grip the clip attached to the shoulder-belt positioning strap. Lift the clip up to the top of the child's shoulders.

Step 2

Slide one edge of the shoulder strap through the gap in the clip. Pull the strap through until it is completely inside the clip.

Step 3

Tug on the end of the shoulder-belt positioning strap until the clip that is holding the shoulder strap is snug against the child's shoulders.

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