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Spiderman Pushups & Other Exercises Like It

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Spiderman Pushups & Other Exercises Like It
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If you’re already in good shape and can perform regular pushups with ease, take on Spiderman pushups and other Spiderman exercises for more of a challenge, according to TurbulenceTraining.com. Each exercise position emulates common Spiderman movements portrayed in the action hero comic books, cartoons and movies. Besides learning something fun and different, perform Spiderman exercise routines to build stamina, gain muscle and improve agility.

Spiderman Pushups

Spiderman Pushups & Other Exercises Like It
How to do a spiderman push-up. Photo Credit LIVESTRONG.COM

From a plank or pushup position, lower your body. As you get closer to the ground, begin bending your right leg while still balancing on your left leg/foot and both hands. Continue to bend and lift your right leg forward toward your right arm. Try to touch your right elbow with your right knee. As you push your body back up again, return your right leg to its starting position and align it with your left leg. Repeat the same activity with your left leg. Alternate and repeat until you’ve completed 8 to 10 Spiderman pushups. You will build core, shoulder, arm and leg muscles and increase flexibility and balance with Spiderman pushups, according to TurbulenceTraining.com.

Elevated Spiderman Pushups

Add elevation to Spiderman pushups for even more of a challenge and place more emphasis on working shoulder and upper chest muscles. Intensify your core workout and improve suppleness, according to AskTheTrainer.com. Elevate your feet by placing them on a stable bench or chair instead of the floor. Perform Spiderman pushups from the partially elevated position and complete several repetitions.

Spiderman Lunges

Spiderman lunges are similar to Spiderman pushups except that you stay in a plank position or the up position of pushups for the exercise. From a plank position, bend and lunge your right leg forward and place your foot right beside your right hand. Hold for a few seconds and return your right leg to its starting position. Switch to the left leg to perform the same action. Alternate legs and complete 8 to 10 repetitions. Like Spiderman pushups, Spiderman lunges especially work core and upper body muscles, and they increase flexibility, according to TurbulenceTraining.com.

Spiderman Crawls

Incorporate movement into Spiderman pushups for an added cardio workout. Start with your right arm and leg; lower to the down pushup position and bring your right leg up to meet your right elbow as you would with Spiderman pushups. However, as you return your right leg to its starting position, reach your right arm out in front of you and place your hand on the ground. Continue the Spiderman pushup series with your left arm and leg, and move forward as you stretch your left arm out in front of you and place your left hand on the ground. Continue to crawl forward with each pushup. Crawl forward about 6 to 10 feet with Spiderman crawls. Try backward Spiderman crawls for more of a challenge, suggests the ChannelFit health and beauty website.

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