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The Best Pilates Rebounder

author image Henry Halse
Henry Halse is a Philadelphia-based personal trainer, speaker, and writer. He's trained a wide variety of people, from couch potatoes to professional athletes, and helped them realize their own strength, determination and self-confidence. Henry has also written for various fitness and lifestyle publications, including Women’s Health, AskMen and Prevention.
The Best Pilates Rebounder
A Pilates rebounder lets you combine Pilates moves with cardio. Photo Credit razyph/iStock/Getty Images

If you've used a reformer before, then chances are you've taken a Pilates class. During your Pilates experience, you probably realized that it was not an easy form of exercise. It focuses on strengthening and stretching your body, making it more resilient and burns calories at the same time. Now, imagine taking the muscle-burning difficulty of a Pilates reformer workout and adding a heart-pounding cardio component — that's what you get with a Pilates rebounder.

By placing a platform or trampoline at the end of a Pilates reformer, you have something to push off of with your legs. With a rebounder, you can do exercises such as squats, jumps, and single-leg squats. Whereas Pilates is a very slow and controlled style of exercise, the rebounder offers a fast-paced option to get your heart racing. It's also healthier for your joints because there is less jarring impact force than when you land from a normal jump, making the rebounder a great option for someone with back, knee or hip problems.

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AeroPilates with Rebounder

With an affordable price and years of production to back it, the AeroPilates machine is one of the original rebounders. It is lightweight and portable and also offers a stand to raise it off of the ground. There are four resistance cables that come with it to customize your resistance level. There are also two Pilates DVDs and a wall poster with exercise diagrams included. It weighs 100 pounds, but it holds up to 300pounds, making it a sturdy option for a reformer and rebounder combination machine.

V2 Max with Rebounder

While the V2 Max Reformer is extremely well put together, it doesn't come with a rebounder attached to it. However, you can purchase an attachment to add to the machine. To put the attachment in, you simply take the foot bar out and replace it with the rebounder. With the attachment, you get all of the benefits of a rebounder on a high-end reformer. This piece of equipment is rather expensive compared to other rebounders, but you get what you pay for with quality materials and greater durability. The springs have even been built to withstand the higher velocities of jumping on the rebounder.

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Pilates Power Gym Pro

This machine gives you an interesting twist on a traditional Pilates reformer. Normally, the reformer lies flat on the ground and the carriage moves completely horizontally. With the Power Gym Pro, you have three height options to raise the incline of the carriage. When you raise the incline of the carriage, gravity will help add more resistance to your Pilates exercises and the rebounder exercises. This machine also comes with three exercise DVDs, plus an exercise and nutrition guide.

Many rebounders have an incline option that uses gravity as added resistance.
Many rebounders have an incline option that uses gravity as added resistance. Photo Credit jovanjaric/iStock/Getty Images

VigorFit Gym

While a serious Pilates aficionado might not be too thrilled about the reformer portion of this machine, the rebounder is just as serious as any other. The VigorFit is perfect for someone on the taller side because it's able to accommodate people up to 6 feet, 5 inches tall. The resistance cables also have a lifetime warranty, which is important if you're using the rebounder feature of the machine. There are 15 resistance settings and five height settings to provide a wide array of difficulties.

Total Gym GTS

With an optional rebounder attachment, cables and an adjustable bench to lie on, you can do up to 250 different exercises on this machine. It also offers a hydraulic rail lift to help you change levels and automatic rail locks if you decide to use the rebounder for jumping exercises. The resistance can range from one to 62 percent of your body weight, according to the Total Gym website. Instead of using cables like the other reformer machines, the Total Gym relies entirely on gravity to make your workout harder.

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