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What Are Divebomber Push Ups?

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What Are Divebomber Push Ups?
A woman doing a downward push-up. Photo Credit Comstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

One of the biggest advantages to pushups as an exercise is the versatility of the movement itself. By making slight changes to your position or posture, you can hit your upper body muscles from different angles to provide a more complete workout. Dive bomber pushups are one variation that works on your endurance and flexibility along with your upper body.

The Movement

The dive bomber pushup starts with your hands on the floor about shoulder width or a little wider, your feet roughly shoulder width and your butt in the air. Your body looks like an inverted “V”, with your head down. From that position, lower your shoulders toward the floor until your chest almost touches it, then dip your body upward. Your chest should be up, your back arched, head up and arms straight. Your pelvis rests on the floor. Hold the position for a moment and then do the movement in reverse, until you are back at the start. The motion looks as if you are “dive bombing” the floor from the top position.

Muscles Worked

Dive bomber pushups work the same muscles as a standard pushup, with some additions. Your chest, shoulders and triceps get a good workout, as do your hamstrings and lower back. In the beginning inverted “V” position, your hamstrings get a good stretch. At the bottom end when your pelvis is on the floor, you’ll feel a stretch in your low back.

Helpful Tips

Following a few tips will help you get the most out of your dive bomber pushup workout. If you want to boost your cardio output during the exercise, make the motion continuous with no pause at the top or bottom. Looking back between your legs in the inverted “V” part will give an extra stretch to your hamstrings, as will a longer pause at the top. To vary the muscle angles, move your hands and feet a little wider or a little closer together.


Dive bomber pushups involve several muscle groups and move your body through a different range of motion than a regular pushup. If you have any hamstring or lower back problems, ask your doctor or trainer whether doing these pushups will help or slow down your progress

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