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How to Work Out Your Deltoids

author image Nick Ng
Nick Ng has been writing fitness articles since 2003, focusing on injury prevention and exercise strategies. He has covered health for "MiaBella" magazine. Ng received his Bachelor of Arts in communications from San Diego State University in 2001 and has been a certified fitness coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2002.
How to Work Out Your Deltoids
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Your deltoids are the largest muscles in your shoulders that move your arm and shoulder joints in different directions. They are responsible for shoulder abduction and adduction. You can strengthen your deltoids by performing exercises that incorporate them along with other muscles and joints. Such exercises include pushing, pulling, and rotating.

Lateral Dumbbell Raises

Step 1

Stand with one leg in front of the other and hold a light dumbbell in each hand.

Step 2

Brace your abs and raise your arms to your sides to an angle of about 90 to 110 degree with your arms slightly bent and your hands facing down.

Step 3

Lower the weights down to your sides at a rate of three seconds. Perform three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Standing Shoulder Press

Step 1

Stand in the same position as the previous exercise. Hold a light dumbbell in each hand with your elbows close to the sides of your rib cage.

Step 2

Exhale and press the dumbbells over your head. Do not move your spine or legs.

Step 3

Lower the weights back to the starting position at a rate of three seconds. Perform three sets of 10 to 12 reps.


Step 1

Grab a pullup bar with both hands in an overhand grip about shoulder-width distance apart.

Step 2

Exhale and pull yourself up until your head clears over the bar. Do not stick your neck forward.

Step 3

Lower your body down until your arms are fully extended. Perform three sets of 8 to 12 reps.

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