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How to Attach a Total Gym Pull-up Bar

author image Marie Mulrooney
Marie Mulrooney has written professionally since 2001. A retired personal trainer, former math tutor, avid outdoorswoman and experience traveler, Mulrooney also runs a small side business creating custom crafts. She's published thousands of articles in print and online, helping readers do everything from perfecting their pushups to learning new languages.

Since its infomercial premiere in 1996, the Total Gym has been marketed to home buyers in a constantly rotating array of models. But aside from minor design differences, all Total Gym models share the same basic build. The array of accessories available for each model is what sets them apart the most. The wing attachment, also called a pullup bar, is one of the few accessories that fits every Total Gym model, including the earliest versions. How you attach the pullup bar determines which exercises you can use it for.


Step 1

Hold the wing attachment so that the mounting brackets face down with the bracket end of the bar facing away from you.

Step 2

Fit the brackets on the wing attachment over the holes at the upper end of the incline rails. The bent bar -- or on earlier models, the long skinny bar -- should point down toward the glideboard.

Step 3

Slide one locking pin through each side of the wing attachment brackets. Your Total Gym came with a variety of locking pins; you can use any pins you want as long as they fit all the way through the incline rail and out the other side of the bracket. You can now lie face down on the glideboard and grasp the bent bar to do pullups.

Leg Curls

Step 1

Position the wing attachment at the top of the incline rails, as for pullups. But this time, turn the attachment around so the bent bar -- or on early models, the longer, skinnier bar -- points straight up.

Step 2

Fit the brackets on the wing attachment down over the holes near the top of the incline rails.

Step 3

Slide a locking pin through each of the brackets. Once the attachment is mounted securely, you can lie face up on the glideboard, with your head pointing down slope. Tuck your heels between the bars on the wing attachment and bend your knees to pull yourself up the rails.

Shoulder Press

Step 1

Locate the mounting holes near the bottom of the incline rails.

Step 2

Orient the wing attachment so the bent bar -- or long, skinny bar, depending on when the attachment was made -- points straight up. Place the mounting brackets over the incline rails.

Step 3

Slide a locking pin into each bracket, through the incline rail and out the other side of the bracket. You're now ready to lie face down on the glideboard, head pointing downslope, and press up on the wing attachment to push yourself up the rails.

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