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What Kind of Yoga Is P90X Yoga?

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What Kind of Yoga Is P90X Yoga?
P90X's yoga workout is affectionately called "Yoga X." Photo Credit HASLOO/iStock/Getty Images

Of the 12 different workouts included in P90X, yoga is considered by many to be one of the most challenging. Affectionately dubbed "Yoga X" by the creators at Beachbody, the style of yoga and pace of the class varies throughout the workout. It includes various poses from Hatha Yoga, performed in different styles like Ashtanga Yoga and vinyasa flows.

Yoga X

Power 90 Extreme, or P90X is a popular in-home workout program created by the fitness company Beachbody. The energetic and talkative host, Tony Horton, was elevated to fitness celebrity status with the success of the series. He guides you through yoga X, which is the fourth workout of twelve in the series, along with some fitness cast members who demonstrate the poses.

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The "X" in yoga X accurately foreshadows the intensity level of this 90-minute yoga workout. It is not for the faint of heart, and it helps if you've been to a yoga class before. Some of the moves are challenging, and some are downright advanced.

The workout has four main parts. The first is a vinyasa flow style, followed by balance poses, then floor poses which you have to lie down for, and finally, Yoga Belly 7.

Vinyasa Flow

While all of the yoga poses in this workout DVD are derived from Hatha Yoga, which is where most of the poses in Westernized yoga come from, they are done in different styles. The first section of the DVD is done in a vinyasa style, in which the poses flow from one to the other.

A Sun Salutation is the perfect example of a vinyasa flow. In this pose, you start standing, work your way down to the floor and then work your way back up to standing. The steps are broken down to make the flow easy to follow, but a more experienced yogi can flow through the exercises and make it look more like a choreographed routine than a series of poses.

Balance Poses

After the vinyasa flow series at the beginning of the yoga X DVD, which lasts for 12 poses, you move on to the balance poses. There are three of these poses, which are performed while standing, and involve balancing on one leg. They're all Hatha Yoga poses, but they aren't performed in a vinyasa flow style. They're performed one at a time.

The balance poses in Yoga X are slower than the vinyasa flow poses.
The balance poses in Yoga X are slower than the vinyasa flow poses. Photo Credit RyanKing999/iStock/Getty Images

Floor Poses

After the balance poses you move down to the mat to do some challenging floor poses. Crane, Wheel and Plough are a few of the more challenging poses in these series. Once again, you're doing Hatha Yoga poses but not in a vinyasa flow. You will actually see many of these poses in Ashtanga Yoga, which is a mix of Hatha Yoga and other moves from gymnastics and wrestling.

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Yoga Belly 7

After the floor poses you'll move on to the ab series at the end, which is called "Yoga Belly 7." There are seven exercises in this quick ab series, but only a couple of these seem to be from yoga, such as boat pose and the torso twist.

The workout is finished with Happy Baby and Child's Pose, two calming stretches that have their roots in many different styles of yoga. Finally, the workout ends with a quick bout of Savasana and meditation.

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