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Iron Gym Chest-Toning Exercises

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Iron Gym Chest-Toning Exercises
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Although considered a pullup bar, the Iron Gym is actually a total upper-body workout bar. You can attach it to the top of your doorframe and do pullups and chinups, but you can also use the Iron Gym device on the floor to work other body parts, including your chest.


The Iron Gym, which is made by several companies, including Pro Fit and Ontel Products, is a workout bar that attaches to your door frame or sits on the floor. The device installs at the top of most residential door frames without the use of any installation hardware. This way you can pull the Iron Gym down from the door and use it on the floor to do other upper-body exercises, such as crunches, pushups and dips. At the time of publication, the official Iron Gym website sells the device for $40, which is split in two payments. However, you can find it cheaper on third-party retail sites.


The Iron Gym allows you to do a series of body-weight exercises to work your chest, back, triceps, biceps and abdominal muscles. The company highlights the ability to do pullups on the Iron Gym, because you can't do this body-weight exercise without some type of bar. However, you can use the Iron Gym to do other upper-body exercises. This provides a new feel and different grip options for pushups and dips.

Chest Exercises

The chest is the primary mover during the pushup exercise, with the triceps being a secondary movers. The triceps are the primary movers during the dip exercise, with the chest being the secondary mover. You can use the Iron Gym device to tone your chest by doing these two exercises. Do bent-knee pushups, standard pushups, close-grip pushups or single-leg pushups. Perform body-weight dips on the curved handles of the Iron Gym.


Although you can work your chest using the Iron Gym device, it does have limitations, since you can only do body-weight exercises. Progressive overload is necessary for your body to continue improving and the Iron Gym workout bar does not offer a lot of versatility. You can advance to more difficult versions of the pushup, such as decline pushups, but even these will eventually become easy as you grow stronger. Because the Iron Gym is not very high off the ground, you are limited in your range of motion on the dip exercise. Iron Gym dips are a beginner exercise without much room for improvement.

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