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How to Do Ab Exercises at School

author image Krista Sheehan
Krista Sheehan is a registered nurse and professional writer. She works in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and her previous nursing experience includes geriatrics, pulmonary disorders and home health care. Her professional writing works focus mainly on the subjects of physical health, fitness, nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.
How to Do Ab Exercises at School
With a bit of creativity, you can exercise your abs at school. Photo Credit Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

Many students find that a typical school day is packed with homework, studying, tests, socializing and extracurricular activities. Although this long to-do list can make for a hectic schedule, you can probably still find time to trim your waist throughout the day. Whether you are sitting in lecture, walking between classes, or enjoying a few minutes of free time, there are a variety of sneaky ab exercises you can do at school.

Step 1

Contract your abs for 30-second intervals while sitting in class. Once the 30 seconds is up, release the contraction, and rest for one minute. Then, repeat the entire sequence four to five times. Plan on doing this ab exercise during the last 10 minutes of every class; this not only helps you remember to do the exercise, but also helps keep you focused during the last few minutes of class. As your abs become stronger, simply increase the number of repetitions you perform.

Step 2

Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart while holding a textbook or other heavy object in your left hand. Using your abdominal muscles, bend your torso toward the left as you bring the textbook toward the ground. You should feel a good stretch along your right side. Hold the lowered position for one or two seconds and then return to standing. Do 10 side bends on the left side and then 10 on the right side while standing at your locker between classes.

Step 3

Perform modified crunches while snacking in study hall or sitting in the library. Position a bottle of water and your snacks on the floor near your feet. When you are ready for a drink or a bite, contract your abs and flex your body forward to grab them. Replace the water and snacks back on the floor after every bite or drink – this forces you to continue performing the modified crunch until you finish your snack.

Step 4

Use the few spare minutes before gym class to squeeze in a few extra workouts. If you are able to change into your workout clothes quickly, you should have a few minutes to spare before the rest of your class is ready. Use this time to do crunches, reverse crunches or the yoga plank.

Step 5

Maintain good posture throughout the entire school day. Whether you are walking between classes or sitting at your desk, perfect posture helps ensure your core muscles remain strong. Keep your back straight and your head slightly forward of your shoulders. You should maintain three natural curves in your back – the first dips in at your neck, the second curves out at the middle of your spine and the third dips in at your lower back.

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