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Difference Between the Perfect Pushup V2 & the Original Perfect Pushup

author image Jolie Johnson
Based in Austin, Texas, Jolie Johnson has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and has been writing fitness-related articles since 2008 for various websites. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and philosophy from the University of Illinois.

The Perfect Pushup device consists of a pair of rotating handles that allow you to perform elevated pushups. At the time of publication, the V2 model was the latest model, although the original model was still available. The two models possess the same basic design and function, but the V2 model boasts some enhanced features over the original model.


The original model of the Perfect Pushup is now called the Perfect Pushup Basic. At the time of publication, the V2 was the most recent Perfect Pushup model. Both models have elevated handles attached to circular bases that rotate. After the V2 was released, the original handles were redesigned with new colors. The first version was all black, but the redesigned basic model possesses a black base with red accents. The Perfect Pushup V2 possesses a thicker base than the original version. The V2 handles are more streamlined and have a more modern look. They are available in two color schemes: a black base with red handles, or a black base with black handles and red accents.


The Perfect Pushup devices rotate, allowing you to turn your forearms as you do the pushup exercise, similar to the way you rotate your arm as you throw a punch. According to the manufacturer's website, the V2 handles possess 30 percent more ball bearings than the original handles, which makes them rotate easier and more smoothly. Whether this is a benefit depends on your fitness level and strength. The American Council on Exercise, a nonprofit fitness organization, tested the effectiveness of the original Perfect Pushup. Todd Galati, an exercise physiologist with the organization, concluded that although the instability of the rotating handles may offer an additional challenge, if you have weak shoulders, you could risk injuring yourself on the device. Easier rotation on the newer, V2 handles, may increase this risk even more.


Both Perfect Pushup models possess padded grips and nonskid bases. However, the V2 model features a textured handle for a more secure and comfortable grip. The handle is also wider, providing more surface area to grip. The V2 model also boasts an improved tread on the base, which the website states is inspired by off-road tires.


The V2 handles are newer and cost twice as much as the original Perfect Pushup handles. At the time of publication, the original Perfect Pushup handles sell for $20 on the manufacturer's website, while the V2 handles sell for $40. Both models are sold in a set of two handles.

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