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Weider Pro 9930 Universal Gym Information

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Weider Pro 9930 Universal Gym Information
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Weider's fitness roots reach back more than 50 years, encompassing the manufacture of workout equipment spanning from free weights and benches to kettlebells and jump ropes. Among its fitness products, the company offers a range of home gyms. The Weider Pro 9930, originally released in the U.S. and Canada in 1999, meets this description, featuring a variety of exercise options that strive to help you meet your fitness goals without having to venture outside of the home.

Basic Specs

Weider's Pro 9930 home gym -- model number 831.159720 -- aims to accommodate exercises that target every major muscle group, according to its manufacturer. As such, it features quite a variety of equipment. The machine's left-side station sports a seat and backrest, curl pad, butterfly arms and a low pulley attachment while its right-side station, which also has a seat-backrest combo, features press arms, a leg press lever and a high pulley station with a vertical lat bar. Both of these main stations use pin-adjustable weight plates positioned in the center of the machine. Depending on the exercise, the 9930 supports up to 174 lbs. of weight resistance. This home gym measures 78 inches high, 65 inches wide and 34 inches deep.

Accommodated Exercises

The Pro 9930's butterfly arms accommodate lever pec deck flyes, which of course focus on the pectoralis muscles, while its low pulley station supports exercises such as cable lateral raises, which target the deltoids, and the curl pad lends itself to biceps-friendly dumbbell curls. On the other side of the 9930, the high pulley station's lat bar works for latissimus dorsi-focused pulldowns and the press arms offer an additional pec workout via chest presses. With the leg press lever, you can work the quads with seated leg presses, for instance. Weider recommends this device for exercisers who wish to improve muscle size or tone muscles. Likewise, the strength training exercises offered by this device help bolster the cardiovascular system, as endurance and resistance training improve heart health and regulates glucose metabolism.

Safety First

For optimal exercise safety, inspect and tighten the screws and joints of the Weider Pro 9930 regularly. To avoid tipping, keep the machine on a flat, level surface and always stand on the gym's foot plates when performing pulley exercises. Steer clear of the pulleys and moving parts during exercise and do not allow raised weights to fall rapidly. Weider recommends the 9930 for exercisers over the age of 12. Read and follow any instructions and warnings contained in the Weider Pro 9930's user manual before using this home gym.

An Updated Alternative

Due to the date of its manufacture, you may have a hard time tracking down a Weider Pro 9930 outside of secondhand markets. As an alternative, Weider's 2014 home gym, the 2980 X Weight System, offers many features that cater to similar exercise goals. Like the 9930, this model includes a high pulley with lat bar, a low pulley station, a curl pad, a leg press lever and a chest fly station. Unlike its predecessor, the 2980's exercise devices all reside on a single seat-backrest combo, and the machine supports up to 214 lbs. of resistance.

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