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Hamstring Rehab Exercises

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Hamstring Rehab Exercises
Hamstring rehab exercises will get your leg in shape. Photo Credit Stretching the inner thigh as part of a Thai body massage. image by Deborah Benbrook from <a href="http://www.fotolia.com">Fotolia.com</a>

Your hamstrings are the muscles that run alongside the back portion of your leg. The muscles play an important role in everyday activities such as walking and bending your knee. Hamstring rehab exercises need to be done consistently, diligently and with determination on your part. There are a variety of exercises for you to choose from.


Do hamstring stretches to get your hamstring operating properly is essential says the physical therapy website known as nismat.org. Find a surface where you can lift your injured leg onto. The surface needs to be at a height allowing your leg to be parallel to the floor. Keep your injured leg's knee from bending. Make certain to keep your uninjured leg straight, with your foot firmly planted on the ground. Gently and slowly lean forward as far as you can. Bend your waist while moving your upper body towards your knee. Be sure to keep your back straight. Do not slouch. Hold this stretch for five seconds. Feel the stretch in the back of your knee. Slowly return to the upright position. As you progress, you can attempt to touch the toes on your injured leg.

Do another hamstring stretch which involves you laying on your back near a wall. Place your injured leg against the wall. Make certain not to bend your knee. Hold this position for five seconds. Slowly remove your leg from the wall. Relax and repeat this exercise five times. You can increase your stretch by moving closer to the wall, says nismat.org. Another way to increase your hamstring stretch is by lifting your straightened, injured leg away from the wall.

Exercise Bike

Riding a stationary bike can be part of your hamstring rehab exercises says nismat.org. You will be increasing your hamstring's flexibility without putting too much stress on your hamstrings by doing this exercise. Be certain to start off with the lowest intensity possible for only two minutes to start. As you progress, increase your time interval and intensity level, says University of Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.


You can strengthen your hamstring by doing a prone knee bend says thephysiotherapysite.co.uk. Lay on your stomach on a comfortable surface. Bend your injured knee as far as you can. Make certain you keep your high and thigh on the surface. Hold this stretch for five seconds. Slowly return your leg to the original position. Relax for a minute. Repeat this exercise five times.

Chair pulls are another form of hamstring rehab exercises that you can do. Find a chair or stool that has wheels. An office chair usually works well. Gently pull yourself across the room with your injured leg. Do this by extending your injured leg in front and then bending your knee to move your chair forward. Do this maneuver for five minutes to begin with. Make certain your chair moves toward your foot and the foot of your injured leg does not slide on the floor says nismat.org. Keep your uninjured leg off of the ground. Start doing this exercise on a flat surface. As you progress, increase your time. You can also increase your difficulty level by changing to a carpeted surface.

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