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Nov 05 at 01:02 PM

The 5 D's to Quitting Smoking

The 5 D's to Quitting Smoking
When the urge to smoke hits, remember the 5 D's:

*Delay* until the craving to smoke passes. Most urges come and go within a three- to five-minute span.

*Distract Yourself* Shift your attention away from thoughts of smoking - go for a walk around the block or work on a crossword puzzle. Distraction effectively stops the unhealthy mindset that enables thoughts of smoking.

*Drink Water* to beat cravings to smoke. It works surprisingly well, and good hydration has the added benefit of helping us feel better overall.

*Deep Breaths* help you relax and let the stress of early smoking cessation go. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly for a count of three and exhale for a count of three. Repeat and you'll begin to feel your body release the tension it's holding.

*Discuss Your Feelings* with someone close to you or with other ex-smokers. There is nothing better for a person's resolve than connecting with those who are walking the path alongside us, or hearing from those who have successfully quit smoking.