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Alcohol has been a big problem for me the last 5 years; wine is my go-to. I'm also a moderate smoker, about 3 packs a week. it's a miracle people tell me I look younger than I am despite these vices; I'll chalk that up to the antioxidants in the wine and the enormous amount of unsweetened iced tea I drink throughout day. I only drank water during the day yesterday and had a moderate (for me) amount of alcohol last night. I also didn't smoke anything after 7 last night. I was able to go 15 hours without another cigarette (can I call that a win?) I layed in bed for six hours staring at the ceiling and listening to my boyfriend and our two dobermans compete for who could snore loudest. I finally was able to sleep for two hours, where I had the weirdest dream involving me being chased by monsters (but they looked like people) and swinging through an elaborate trapeze system, only to stop intermittently to read books.... did I mention I was male in the dream? Ugh, I'm tired of drinking til I pass out. When will sleep become normal again?