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May 14 at 03:26 AM

WWW #20 Weekly Weigh In Wizards Year 3

Happy Mothers Day and welcome to this weekly weigh in group!
Please join us to support each other's weight loss, nutrition and exercise goals for good health!

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      May 14 at 03:28 AM

      Height 5'4"
      Current weight 168.2 today
      Goal 140

      Day 24
      Eat at goal of 1,400
      Avoid alcohol
      Eat at Goal
      Have fun!

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      May 14 at 03:41 AM

      Above is the link to the spreadsheet. Angie, if you are still participating please request access to the spreadsheet again as I think I accidentally removed your email.

      Have a great week folks!

    • Zolanda
      Height 5'6"
      Current weight 153.8 today
      Goal 130

      Exciting news! Hitting the 154 mark means I am no longer 'overweight' according to BMI. ( and yes, I'm aware BMI isn't accurate, but still it is a milestone of sorts since it made me feel bad about myself in younger years. Small victories. This also means I am within 9 lbs of my soft goal of 145 lbs.


      Glad your challenge is going well Catherine.

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      May 14 at 06:09 AM

      Zolanda, congratulations to you!!! Nice job!!

    • Marty, California
      Pause and plan!
      Goal 175
      Goal June 189
      Plan: low carb, 60 ounces of water, gym 2x/day

    • Zolanda, terrific. We'll follow you on down to 145.

      When Susan from the Black Hills was posting, I used to pay more attention to eating nothing after dinner, and I've become lax, which is why I'm in grave danger of not making my June goal. So my challenge for the next 17 days is that: eat nothing after dinner, and report to you daily.

      But, Zolanda, set another goal: when will you show us some of your art?

      And Catherine, here's an idea: go to, on Chrome (!), not that fox thing (no aspersions, just the way it is), and create an account, real easy, then record and save! And maybe we can hear something from you. Whaddya say? It's what I'm using for my new podcast, The Sand Hill Review Podcast, because nobody needs any software and its audio and people (half the people, the other half couldn't care less) don't want to have to do their hair for a podcast.

    • congratulations Zolanda! :D

    • Deb
      weight 203.4
      first goal 195 (woo hoo almost there)

      Happy mother's day all!
      Congrats Zolanda

      Catherine, my spreadsheet formulas need help! I don't know how but lost over 3 pounds last week without going hungry!

    • What? Deb!! Losing weight? Fab, Fab for you!

    • My daughter came home from NYC and brought Carlo's Bakery cupcakes. Since I lost so well last week, I decided to indulge, but didn't go over calories by much. I'm sure not used to eating that much sugar though! blah. It was delicious though, as was the ribeye which preceded it. Have a great week all!

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      May 15 at 04:25 AM

      Good morning!

      A big congratulations to you Deb!!! I can see why you are doing so well because you are consistently eating at goal every single day! Good job and thanks for being such a mentor for all of us!

      Marty, yes, I miss Susan's posts too. Keep up the focus, Marty!

      Day 25 of my 40 day personal challenge.

      Volunteer stuff
      Eat at goal like Deb
      Avoid alcohol
      Swim and resistance exercises

      Marty, will look into the app. Have a productive day folks. May is fast closing in on us!

    • Good Morning everyone.

      Marty thanks for the mothers day wishes.. Much appreciated.

      Zolanda you are doing so well. Congratulations

      Catherine I really look forward to your count down each day.

      Sorry I have been a very inactive poster as of late. I have been so busy and diet and exercise are really not at the top of my projects right now. Garden is finally planted (almost). We are still working on Chelsea's house. Insurance finally in and we are now waiting on contractors to come and put new sub floor in and then flooring. We painted the kitchen and the room my youngest will move into this fall yesterday.

      Alissa had prom this weekend. She is so grown up. We are fast approaching graduation so family will be here Memorial weekend. We do 2 grad parties one for family as we have no relatives in Ohio and then a couple weeks later we do one for friends. Much easier this way. So graduation with family Memorial weekend and then then big party June 10.

      Quite honestly I am terrified to get on scale. All my clothes from last summer are tight on me. Some how I need to find the motivation to get going. I am considering cancelling my gym membership all together as I never go anymore and will start taking bus to work June1 to save on gas and parking. It is also less stressful then driving downtown. I can join a gym in town and stop on way home. My son seems somewhat willing to help train me in this summer. As willing as a 20 year old can be.

      Will try to be more faithful in my posts.

    • I'll join in on the fun!

      Weight 170
      Goal 145

      Just started again 7 days ago
      100oz of water
      Calorie intake 1500
      Walk/Jog 2 miles every morning
      30 minutes cycling x2 (afternoon and night)
      Mother of 4 constantly on my feet
      30 day Challenge on abs, butt lift and thighs

      This is the second time I've tried losing weight
      Last time I lost 5 lbs and gained it back frown
      Really need want to lose at least 10 lbs by July.
      Idk if that can happen!

    • Janene it is helpful to me knowing that you are following the posts. I wonder if the gym isn't too much for you. you have too many people counting on you . remember the 80 20 rule that is what you should focus on. and read on the bus and remember back when you used to go up stairs at work and get up and walk around each hour.

      I hope you got a lot of thank yous on Mother's day

    • Meli, that's a big goal but you do an awful lot. still, you didn't mention your diet plans to lose weight. 80/20! 4 kids? ooee

    • Mfsor what can I do different? Yes I have 4 kids.
      Aren't I doing what I need to lose weight?


    • Melifernz89, I hope you have a shorter name somewher - Marty

      #1 I challenge you to meet your July goal. I myself, 192.6 this morning, set a goal of losing 8 pounds in the next 7 weeks until July. 185 is when my abdomen starts to

      My comment was mainly addressed the the fact that you do not mention anything at all about your diet, only about exercise, when my primary care Dr. Heidi, and my sports doctor, and Catherine, and somebody else say that losing weight is 80% diet and 20 percent exercise.

      Now you do a lot of exercise, and with your four you are constantly on your feet all day. So it's clear for you you have to do something about your diet, and I don't know what that is, but us WWWers here are just like a relationship: you have to communicate.

      Bottom line, how do you plan on losing the weight?

      My plan is drink more water, eat more vegetables, skip grains and dairy altogether, and the latter is very hard for a whip-cream lovin' guy.

      But I've been fairly good at posting my diet during the day and will resume that.

    • Thank you for your response and involvement.
      I guess my diet was mentioned cuz I don't even know of my diet other than not eating junk, sugar or much fat.
      I try to stick with what the app tells me as far as what % I should eat fat, carb, protein.

      Maybe that's where I need help.
      Morning I usually eat eggs in the morning with a fruit.
      Or toast with non fat greek yogurt with a fruit and almonds
      Or Special K cereal with almond milk.
      Lunch Tuna or peanut butter sandwich with whole grain bread. Or a salad with whatever vegetables I can tolerate.
      Dinner is tough for me. Cuz of the kids.

      I usually just eat what they eat just a much smaller version of what I used to eat.
      I've thought of meal preps! Idk
      I think maybe there is more exercise than diet! frown

      I appreciate the help smile

    • May I join in?
      How do I sign up?

      Weight 161
      Goal 145 ish

    • May I also participate?