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No sugar and grumpiness

how do you fight being grumpy when cutting back on sugar? i didnt realize how bad i relied on sugar until i cut back.

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      Aug 13 at 07:38 AM

      Cut all of it from your diet and just press through. The suffering will only last a week or two and your body will thank you.

    • This too shall pass. Just keep moving forward.

    • A week or two?

      Nah, more like four or five days for me. When I ate high carb, like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, I experienced grumpiness and low energy that comes with a carb crash. When I cut bad carbs I went through withdrawals but felt better inside a week.

      And my appetite was reduced.

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      Aug 13 at 10:58 AM

      Lucky you! For some people the cravings last a little longer. Like you I experienced health benefits pretty quickly after cutting all of those things out but the grumpiness or as my daughter called it "hangry" feeling took more than a week for me to get over. Once it's gone though the rest is pretty simple.

      Congratulations on getting rid of that nasty problem. For some of us moderation just makes things worse. The only thing that worked for me was to totally remove those things.