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Brovada (Italian Wine-Soaked Turnip Sauerkraut)

Brovada (Italian Wine-Soaked Turnip Sauerkraut)
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Prep Time: 20 min Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 50 min Yield: 1 quart
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Brovada is traditionally made with shredded turnips — rich in calcium and vitamin C — that are fermented for weeks with grape residuals left over from winemaking. But this recipe quickens the process by using crushed grapes and red wine vinegar. Brovada is an easy, filling side that pairs scrumptiously with grilled pork tenderloin or chicken sausage.



1. Chop grapes (if not seedless, seed first) or pulse them in blender or food processor.
2. In a large container that has a lid, mix water, vinegar, sugar, salt and grapes until completely combined.
3. Peel turnips and use a mandoline to slice into long batons (or cut into 1/4-inch long, thin rectangles).
4. Add turnips to the container, stir to mix well and refrigerate mixture for 2 days (at least overnight).
5. Drain the turnips.
6. Heat a large saute pan over a medium flame. Add olive oil and when it begins to ripple add onion. Cook for 6 minutes until it begins to become translucent. Add garlic, cook 2 minutes.
7. Add turnips to pan. Simmer over a low flame for 45 minutes and serve.

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