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Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup
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Prep Time: 10 min Serves: 8
Cooking Time: 25 min Yield: 8 cups
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The vivid color of pumpkin brightens up any dinner table. It may just steal the show at the Thanksgiving meal. Recipe and image courtesy of Jackie Newgent, RDN.



1. Heat the oil in a Dutch oven or large saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and lime juice, cover, and cook, stirring once, until the onion is softened, about 8 minutes. Increase heat to medium high and sauté the onion uncovered until lightly caramelized, about 5 minutes. Add the yellow or red curry paste and sauté until fragrant, about 1 minute. Stir in the broth, coconut milk, pumpkin puree, 16 of the sprigs fresh cilantro, and the salt and bring to a boil over high. Reduce heat to low, and simmer, uncovered, until slightly thickened, about 8 minutes.
2. Puree the soup in batches in a blender, using the hot fill line as a guide. Reheat, if need.
3. Ladle the soup into bowls, garnish with the remaining cilantro (sprigs or chopped), and serve


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