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DIY Healthy Unicorn Frappuccino

DIY Healthy Unicorn Frappuccino
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Prep Time: 7 min Serves: 1
Cooking Time: 0 min Yield: 2 cups
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Unicorn Frappuccinos have no doubt been flooding your Instagram feed. The coffee-free frozen drink is super colorful and eye-catching, not to mention gone from Starbucks menus. If you didn't get to experience the unicorn magic yourself — and you don't want to drink a sugar- and fat-packed Starbucks beverage — you're in luck! Follow this recipe to make a lower fat, protein-rich, superfood-packed version of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. And don't forget to share your creation with friends!



1. Blend pitaya smoothie pack, frozen banana, frozen mango chunks and almond milk in a blender on medium-high speed until you reach your desired constancy.

2. To create the blue swirl, combine honey with a half tablespoon of water in the microwave, then mix in Greek yogurt and 1/2 teaspoon Blue Majik powder*. Refrigerate mixture for approximately 10 minutes.

3. Drizzle the blue swirl into a tall glass. Next, pour the pitaya smoothie into the glass with the blue drizzle.

4. Top with coconut whipped cream and decorate with Blue Magik and grated pitaya.

* Head here to order Blue Majik superfood powder online: http://www.e3live.com/p-7-blue-majik.aspx


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