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Roasted Pickled Beets

Roasted Pickled Beets
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Prep Time: 20 min Serves: 6
Cooking Time: 35 min Yield: 6 pickled roasted beets
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Pickles that are good for heart health? Sign us up! One cup of beets contains 10 percent of your daily vitamin C and magnesium, which help form collagen and control your blood pressure. Beets are also a good source of fiber, providing nearly four grams in a one-cup serving (that’s almost 15 percent of your daily value).



1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
2. Clean the beets well, cut the stems and greens from them, and reserve greens (cleaned). Place the beets on a large piece of tinfoil, pour 2 tablespoons of olive oil over them, crimp foil packet closed, put in the oven and cook for 35 minutes. Remove and let cool.
3. Combine vinegar, water and salt in a pot on the stove and bring to a boil then remove from the heat.
4. Using rubber gloves (or plastic bags) to handle them, peel the beets. Place a third of the peeled beets into a container. Top them with a third of the sliced onions. Repeat twice more then pour into the container so everything is covered with the liquid.
5. When the liquid reaches room temperature put the container in refrigerator and chill overnight.
6. Quarter beets.
7. Make a dressing by mixing 2 tablespoons brine, mustard powder, olive oil, salt and pepper until it combines.
8. Lightly dress beets and greens, reserving leftover dressing. Serve.

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