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Slow Cooker Veal Parm

Slow Cooker Veal Parm
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Prep Time: 15 min Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 2 min Yield: 4 veal parm cutlets
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This dish usually calls for veal cutlets to be dipped in flour, dredged in an egg batter, coated with breadcrumbs and then fried. But this five-ingredient version of the dish forgoes those calories and the extra steps for an easy weeknight Italian meal that will truly hit the spot.



1. Pat dry 4 veal scallops. Place between 2 pieces of parchment paper or plastic wrap and gently pound with a saucepan, rolling pin or kitchen mallet until about ¼-inch thick. Season both sides with salt and pepper.
2. If your slow cooker has a sauté setting turn it on, spray the inside of the cooker with vegetable or olive oil spray then sear both sides of the scallops 3 minutes each. If not, use a sprayed pan on high heat to sear each side of the veal scallops on the stove then place in the slow cooker.
3. Thinly slice garlic and evenly scatter them over veal scallops. Cover each scallop with two slices of polenta and evenly cover everything with crushed tomatoes.
4. Cook 2 hours on medium setting. Cover each scallop with thin slices of mozzarella, return lid to slow cooker and let sit for 5 minutes, then serve.

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