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Surf and Turf (Filet Mignon and Lobster) With Steamed Spinach

Surf and Turf (Filet Mignon and Lobster) With Steamed Spinach
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Prep Time: 15 min Serves: 2
Cooking Time: 12 min Yield: 2 entrees
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While filet mignon is a little pricier than other cuts, it’s a lean, low-fat source of protein and iron. A three-Pair it with an eight-ounce lobster tail that’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and adds just 121 calories. And instead of creamed spinach, we’re complementing this dish with steamed spinach. Low in calories and high in vitamins, one cup of these greens more than meets the daily requirements of vitamins A and K.



1. In a pot with a steamer basket and lid, bring 1 inch of water to a boil.
2. Meanwhile, use a pair of kitchen shears to cut the undersides of the lobster tails from the open ends to the end of the tails, being sure not to cut into the meat. Pull gently down on either side so the meat pops out a little.
3. Place the tails in the steamer basket above the boiling water, cover and cook 8 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, warm a saute pan over medium-high heat. Once hot, add vegetable oil, being sure to coat entire surface of the pan. Season all sides of steaks with salt and pepper. Place in pan. For rare steaks, cook 2 ½ minutes per side. For medium rare, cook 3-4 minutes per side. Remove and let rest 3 minutes before serving.
5. While the meat rests, place spinach (still wet) in a large pot over high heat with garlic, cover and cook precisely 3 minutes. Turn off, season with salt and pepper, then leave covered.
6. Divide spinach into two portions and serve each with a steak and tail.

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