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Sweet Potato Kale Hash With Poached Egg

Sweet Potato Kale Hash With Poached Egg
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Prep Time: 10 min Serves: 2
Cooking Time: 20 min Yield: 2 bowls
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No doubt you've heard about kale as a SUPER superfood, but what does that actually mean? Well, to highlight a few benefits, kale is packed with vitamin K, which activates proteins needed for bone development and lung and heart cell growth. It also provides copper, which is important for your metabolism, and vitamin A which boosts skin cell function. Even kale haters won't have to turn all that down with this delicious breakfast hash.



1. Heat large cast iron or cooking pan to medium high, heat oil and onions. Stir for a few seconds and then add sweet potato. Cook for 5 minutes gently folding and mixing occasionally.
2. Add the bell peppers. Gently fold and mix occasionally to cook evenly. Continue cooking for another 5-7 minutes or until sweet potato is soft, but still firm.
3. Add the salt, pepper, garlic powder, kale and cook until wilted down.
4. To poach the eggs, fill a small saucepan about halfway with water and bring to a boil, then down to a simmer.
5. Add vinegar, swirl the water and crack egg gently dropping into water.
6. Simmer on low for 2-3 minutes and scoop out with slotted spoon and dry on paper towel.
7. Repeat with remaining eggs individually.

To make an individual serving, reduce the ingredient measurements by half. Poach only two eggs, but keep the amount of water and vinegar as suggested.


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