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Garlic and Onion Bagel
Garlic And Onion Bagel
Posted By: satouusagi

433 Calories, 0g Fat, 15g Protein

Homemade bagels have never been so tasty or so huge! If you prefer you can make these smaller,...

Posted By: cinkiz

396 Calories, 14g Fat, 44g Protein

Brazillian Fish Stew adapted from www.simplyrecipes.com I used Mahi Mahi, but any firm white...

Mama's Matzo Brei
Mama's Matzo Brei
Posted By: phoenixcomm

440 Calories, 10g Fat, 21g Protein

Ok, this goes back a long time.. In the first month, in the evening of the fourteenth day of...

Sausage and Kale Soup
Sausage And Kale Soup
Posted By: erinjesus7

256 Calories, 14g Fat, 13g Protein

My version of this copycat recipe (OLIVE GARDEN® ZUPPA TOSCANA) is really yummy! I've adapted it...

Shakshuka (modified)
Shakshuka (modified)
Posted By: erinmoll

157 Calories, 11g Fat, 6g Protein

Probably the most popular egg dish in Israel is shakshuka, one of those ono­matopoeic Hebrew and...

Mustard-Maple Pork
Mustard-Maple Pork
Posted By: drastik07

308 Calories, 13g Fat, 0g Protein

Pork is about as lean as it comes so it's a great healthy option, but it shouldn't be overcooked...

Cinnamon Churritos
Cinnamon Churritos
Posted By: kosdaisy

157 Calories, 15g Fat, 3g Protein

Low Carb Cinnamon Churritos made with almond flour and coconut flour - Less than 2 net carbs and...

Delicious Clam Chowder
Delicious Clam Chowder
Posted By: tliarch

391 Calories, 15g Fat, 12g Protein

You will love this amazing Clam Chowder. If you are trying to avoid carbs, you can substitute...

Posted By: rjchap

68 Calories, 0g Fat, 1g Protein

Braided Challah