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Age Spots

Causes of Cramping & Spotting After Conceiving

Spotting or cramping during pregnancy may be simply an annoyance, but it also may indicate a serious medical condition or pregnanc...

What Causes Liver Fibrosis?

Liver fibrosis, sometimes called hepatic fibrosis, is a characteristic of most types of liver disease and is caused by the accumul...

Medications That Cause Liver Damage

Many medications have the potential to affect the liver, although serious liver damage is rare, according to Merck Manuals Online ...

What Are the Treatments for a Liver Hemangioma?

Hemangioma on the liver, also referred to as liver hemangioma, hepatic hemangioma and cavernous hemangioma, is a benign tumor that...

What Are the Treatments for Liver Encephalopathy?

Hepatic encephalopathy is a condition characterized by deterioration in brain function caused by a buildup of blood ammonia result...

Causes of Liver Cysts

Liver cysts are fluid-filled crevices or sacs in the liver. The majority of hepatic (liver) cysts are unremarkable and never produ...

Causes of Spots on the Liver

Imaging studies of the liver, including ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, allow doctors to visualize the structure and texture of the ...

What Are the Causes of White Spots on Tan Skin?

White spots on the skin become more noticeable with a tan, leading sufferers to search for the cause. Usually, white spots are not...

How to Remove Liver Spots Naturally

Liver spots and age spots are the old fashioned names for highly pigmented skin blemishes caused by years of sun exposure. The med...

What Causes White Spots in the Throat?

Having white spots or patches in your throat can be disconcerting, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms. White areas ...
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