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Baby Activities

Water Play Activities for Infants & Toddlers

Your infant or toddler experiences cognitive, physical and social-emotional growth when engaging in sensory activities such as wat...

Social Development Activities for Babies

Social development includes trust, self-image, self-confidence and the ability to share, cooperate and bond. This type of developm...

Activities to Boost a Baby's Intelligence

While you've already gifted your infant with a little of your own intelligence in her genes, her environment and quality of ca...

Gross Motor Play Activities for Infants

Play is not only a way to make your baby laugh and smile, but also a way to encourage his physical and mental development. Gross m...

Activities to Stimulate Infants

Your new baby has a lot to learn. His brain needs stimulation. He starts with a host of reflexes that help him suck, root, grasp y...

Games and Activities for a 7-Month-Old

Until now, you have been the center of your baby's world and his favorite source of entertainment. But around 7 months babies gain...

The Best Toys for 9-Month-Olds

Your 9-month-old child is growing right before your eyes, and in a few short months he will celebrate his first birthday. Though h...

Fine Motor Activities for Infants

Babies begin growing and changing immediately after birth. According to Kids Health, infants begin developing the skills they will...

Games to Play With 6-Month-Old

By the time your baby is 6 months old, she spends more time awake during daylight hours than sleeping. She’s alert and aware...

Is Salt Water OK for Babies to Swim In?

Many infants show a natural affinity for the water and, of course, you want to share your love of the ocean with your baby. There ...
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