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Baby Crying and Comfort

What Should You Do with a Fussy Baby Who Won't Nap

Nothing can make you question your parenting skills quite like trying to soothe a fussy baby who needs a nap, but refuses to succu...

The Best Pacifiers for a Breastfed Baby

Pacifiers do just that -- they pacify fussy babies, using the natural sucking instinct to sooth and comfort. More importantly, pac...

Can Crying Damage an Infants Vocal Cords?

Although babies' vocal cords are adapted to crying, prolonged crying can damage the vocal cords by causing nodules, irritation and...

Why Does Your Baby Throw Up When She Cries?

Some babies become so upset that they cry inconsolably. Vomiting may accompany this extreme crying for some children. If your baby...

Why do Babies Have a Crying Fit at the Same Time Each Night?

Nightly crying spells in a baby can frustrate and worry exhausted new parents. Crying spells may just be your baby’s way of ...

My Baby Cries When Passing Gas

If your baby cries when she is passing gas, she is probably experiencing pain due to trapped gas in her abdomen. Small babies ofte...

Building a Bond, 12 Ways

As your eyes meet and you smile at the blessing in your arms, you know that this precious child will change your life. Finding way...

How to Relieve Infant Gas Via Massage

Infant massage gives you an opportunity to bond with your baby. It can also sometimes help relax and calm your baby when he's fuss...

How to Get Rid of a Baby's Heat Rash

Heat rash, sometimes called prickly heat, is a common skin condition in infants and young children and occurs when the pores of th...

Should You Let a Newborn Cry Himself to Sleep?

"Crying it out" is a practice that began late in the 20th century as a tool for sleep-training older babies. Sleep-train...
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