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Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

Some athletes can jump higher while wearing shoes designed to enhance jump height. Certain basketball shoe manufacturers claim tha...

How to Jump Higher to Slam Dunk

Dunking a basketball is one of the most challenging physical activities you can do. Regulation basketball goals are 10 feet high a...

Basketball Net Height Regulations

The net is arguably the most important piece of equipment in basketball -- equaled perhaps only by the ball itself. Without the ne...

Basketball Pre-Game Warm-Up Drills

Basketball teams usually take 10 to 15 minutes to warm up before the start of a game. Teams can take this opportunity to run, shoo...

Basketball Defense Rules

In basketball, playing defense means trying to stop your opponent from scoring. The rules of basketball spell out how and under wh...

Basketball Fitness Training

In a game where you must run up and down a 94-foot court and frequently jump as high as you can, it’s not surprising that yo...

Exercises for Basketball Abs

Basketball players do much more to work their abdominal muscles than just chisel a sleek set of six-pack abs. Basketball players n...

Why You Have Heel Pain After Playing Basketball

If you suffer heel pain from playing basketball, the cause could be a variety of issues. Anything from improper footwear and inade...

Ideas and Plans for Basketball Tryouts Drills & Skills

Basketball tryouts will allow you to evaluate which players coming out for your team will work the hardest and have the most talen...

Are Low-Top Basketball Shoes Safe?

Shoes tend to follow basic trends and guidelines in different sports -- baseball players often use grass-friendly cleats, for exam...
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