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Beach Volleyball

What Black Tape Is Used by Beach Volleyball Players?

During the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing, China, volleyball player Kerri Walsh sported black tape on her shoulder. Known as...

Facts About Volleyball

Volleyball is a unique team sport with a short and impressive history. It is one of the few team sports invented in the United Sta...

Equipment Used for Beach Volleyball

Like indoor volleyball, beach volleyball involves little equipment other than a court, net and ball. Beach volleyball does have ce...

Dimensions of a Beach Volleyball Court

The dimensions of a beach volleyball court include not only the area of the court itself, but a “run-off” space around...

What are the Dimensions of an Olympic-sized Outdoor Volleyball Court?

A beach volleyball court consists of a playing court surrounded by a free zone. The court size for the outdoor, beach version of t...

What Size Person Will an 18-Inch Frame Bicycle Fit?

Like other frames measured in inches, an 18-inch frame belongs to the mountain bike and hybrid category. It’s most likely to...
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