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Beauty Basics

How to Get Rid of Undereye Dark Circles in Teenagers

Dark circles are a generally harmless condition described by the experts at Celevenus Singapore as “round, uniform areas of ...

Hereditary Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Heredity can be a boon when you get your mom's long eyelashes or your dad's blue eyes, but it can be a pain when you inherit dark ...

DIY Gothic Anime Makeup and Fashion Tips

Style fusion at its most twisted, Japanese gothic fashion draws inspiration from a variety of influences, blending the beauty of a...

What Sunless Tanning Lotions Don't Rub Off on Clothing?

Sunless tanning products can give you a sun-kissed glow without baking in the sun for hours and risking skin damage from UV rays. ...

Home Recipe for a Clear and Glowing Complexion

Whether it's the end of a stressful week, or you're trying to detox post-holiday, sometimes your skin just needs a bit of pamperin...

The Benefits of Brazilian Suma

Suma typically refers to the dried root of Pfaffia paniculata, a plant native to the Amazonian rain forests. According to the Amer...

Charcoal Soap & Acne

Charcoal and soap---two words that don't seem to go together. Yet in recent years, activated charcoal---a specially processed form...

Skin Tone Corrections for Dark Circles

Dark circles are symmetrical dark areas of pigmentation underneath both of your eyes. They are blue in appearance and may have acc...

The Best Facial Cleanser for Movie Stars

With all of the heavy makeup, long days on set and jet-setting to locales around the globe for movie shoots, there’s no doub...

Preparation H for Puffy Eyes

You may have heard about beauty pageant contestants and models using unconventional tricks of the trade to perfect their appearanc...
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