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Does Going to Sleep Earlier Make You Feel Better?

Parents often go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their little ones are tucked into bed at an early hour. Conventional wisd...

How to Stop a Teen Girl From Wetting the Bed

If you're like most parents, you had to deal with your share of soaked sheets and midnight tears when your child was small. Fo...

Bed Wetting in Older Children

Bed wetting not only affects infants who have recently undergone potty training but older children and teens as well. While most c...

What Are the Psychological Causes of Bedwetting?

Wetting the bed is a common condition for children under six years of age and usually is caused by physiological factors. However,...

Stages of Sleep and Bedwetting

Many parents have noticed that their children are difficult to wake up when wetting the bed, leading to a popular notion that bed-...

Remedies for Adult Bedwetting

Adult bedwetting can be an embarrassing condition to live with. It is necessary to visit a physician when this condition arises. B...

About Teen Bedwetting

Most children gain the capacity to hold in their urine while they're sleeping, but for some, bed wetting is an inconvenience that ...

Common Potty Training Problems in Older Children

Many older children experience potty training problems. The most commonly reported issue is bed-wetting, medically known as enures...
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