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Birth Control Pills

List of Hormone Pills

Hormones act on the body organs, affecting an array of functions. Water balance, the metabolic rate and reproduction are but a few...

A Comparison of Oral Contraceptives

Every type of birth control pill has advantages and disadvantages. Although comparing side effects and benefits is useful, women s...

How to Start Birth Control Pills After Childbirth

After going through childbirth, the last thing on many women’s minds is getting pregnant again. These women should begin bir...

Acne & Levonorgestrel

Dermatologists believe hormones cause acne, and teenagers who get acne as their hormones awaken in puberty probably would agree. B...

The Best Straight Razor Brands

Blade quality is the most important factor to look for in a straight razor. Inferior brands of straight razor utilize soft carbon ...

Thinning Hair & Birth Control Pills

Although hair loss is a health concern for men, women and children alike, female hair loss is a much less-known condition. Female ...

Caffeine & Birth Control Pills

The combination of caffeine and birth control pills may generate a few mild side effects, including headaches, jitteriness and ins...

How to Stop Ortho Tricyclen Lo

Although Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo is an effective oral contraception, it's not for everyone. Some women experience bothersome side effe...

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Chin Hair After You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

When women develop excess facial hair, the condition is called hirsutism. For some women, a little bit of facial hair is natural, ...

How to Know If You Need to Switch Birth Control Pills

Knowing when to switch birth control pills can be fairly obvious for some women. Other women may not realize the effect her pills ...
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