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Bone Bruise

Bruised Shoulder Bone & Cycling

Cycling typically is considered a low-impact sport or fitness regimen with a reduced potential for injuries. However, there may be...

What Is a Bruised Bone?

Bruising of the bone can have several meanings, types and origins. This is an injury that can occur from a variety of factors, inc...

How to Treat a Bone Bruise

Bone bruises are painful and often make daily activities difficult. Bleeding inside a bone -- damage to the bone marrow or the inn...

Can You Play Football With a Bruised Tibia Bone?

Injuries are an unfortunate and almost unavoidable side effect of playing football. According to the National Center for Sports Sa...

Exercising with Bruised Foot Bones

Participation in sports, exercise or a simple fall can lead to bruised bones in your feet. These bruises are known as contusions. ...

How to Recover from a Knee Bone Bruise Caused by Running

The knee joint is not immune to sprains, strains and other running-induced injuries. If you have a knee bone bruise following a ru...
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