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Breast Lumps

Caffeine & Breast Lumps

Many women are affected by benign, or non-cancerous, breast cysts. There are many factors that can contribute to this problem, inc...

Breast Fat Necrosis

Breast fat necrosis is a benign or non-cancerous condition that occurs as an after-effect of surgery or radiation. Although far le...

What Areas of the Breast Are Most Lumps Found?

Each breast contains a number of cell and tissue types that support the structure and function of the breast. The glandular tissue...

Oil of Primrose & Breast Lumps

Primrose oil has long been used as food and medicine, usually for upset stomach and respiratory infections, but its effectiveness ...

Does Coffee Cause Breast Lumps?

Breast cysts are noncancerous lumps in the breast caused by fibrocystic breast changes, fibroadenomas and, less commonly, fluid-fi...

A Breast Lump in a Male

The male breast is composed of a mixture of tissue types, any of which may give rise to a mass or swelling. Cancerous breast tumor...

Tiny Bumps on the Breast

Women are being so educated about watching for lumps and bumps on the breast that could be a sign of cancer or something abnormal,...
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