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How to Use the Avent Manual Breast Pump

The Avent Manual Brest Pump is an ideal way to relieve pressure through engorgement and to pump and store small amounts of milk fo...

Breast-feeding & Tylenol With Codeine

Breast-feeding mothers aren't immune from pain. But if you've had a cesarean section or need to take pain medication for any reaso...

Ways to Keep Newborns Awake During Breastfeeding

Babies may begin feeding wide awake and hungry. However, the act of nursing lulls babies to sleep. In the first weeks of life, bab...

Nipple Compression During Breastfeeding

One of the most important aspects for successful breastfeeding is a correct latch. The nipple must be drawn into the baby's mo...

Can You Increase the Fat In Breast Milk?

If you are a nursing mom and concerned about your baby's growth, speak to your pediatrician or a lactation consultant, but conside...

Itchy Nipples & Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding should be comfortable for both mom and baby. Although usually harmless, itchy nipples when breastfeeding can be irri...

Can You Take Allergy Medicines When Breast-Feeding?

Nearly everything a mother consumes enters her breast milk and is passed on to her baby. Prescription and over-the-counter medicat...

The Disadvantages of Prolonged Breastfeeding

Most new mothers have heard about the benefits of breastfeeding. In addition to helping you bond with your infant, breastfeeding i...

How to Wean From Breastfeeding to Whole Milk

Weaning from the breast is a different process for every child. Some babies wean themselves without any struggles before they'...

How Should You Carry Breast Milk in a Diaper Bag?

Breast milk is healthy for your baby and safe to carry in a diaper bag. Breast milk contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vit...
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