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Childbirth Information

Signs That a Baby Is Getting Ready to Come

You’re a bundle of nerves awaiting a bundle of joy. The 40-week mark is looming on the calendar and “labor day” ...

Differences in Types of Birth Certificates

In all the chaos and paperwork surrounding your child's birth, you were probably more focused about choosing the name and getting ...

Abnormal Periods After Childbirth

Menstrual cycles cease during pregnancy. After a woman gives birth, menstrual cycles may not occur at the same interval or last th...

Having Patience While Pregnant

At the beginning of pregnancy, the thrill and newness of learning you're expecting can practically carry you through the first two...

How to Get a Certified Birth Certificate in New Hampshire

Whether you want to have an extra birth certificate on hand in case of emergency or you're gathering documents for your child to s...

Breaking the Swaddle Habit

Swaddling your baby might have saved your sanity the first few months after you brought him home. Swaddling a baby keeps him cozy ...

How Long Can You Breast-Pump Exclusively?

The breast pump is an ingenious invention that allows mothers to express milk when they aren't able or willing to nurse their infa...

How to Correct a Birth Certificate in New York City

You have discovered a typo on your child's New York City birth certificate. Now what? If you caught it quickly, and your baby is l...

Can Twins Hold Hands in the Womb?

Twin siblings often develop particularly close connections to one another due to a combination of factors, including the fact that...

How to Deal With Twins and Naptime

With twins, your continual challenge will be determining their needs and finding a way to meet them. From feeding to playing to sl...
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