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Children's Clothing

Top Recommended Backpacks

Year after year, you find yourself up against a wall -- the backpack wall. This seemingly simple purchase often leaves consumers w...

How to Wear Sweatpants with Tennis Shoes to School

Sweatpants were once worn only when playing sports or doing athletic activities. However, with the variety of bright colors, cute ...

Are Leggings and a Long Sweater School Appropriate?

The appropriateness of leggings in schools, in large part, is a matter of personal opinion. Some parents and/or schools take bigge...

Cute Backpacks for Elementary School Girls

With a new school year comes a new opportunity to get your little girl geared up and ready to learn. It can be difficult to get ki...

The Best Colors to Wear When Having School Picture Taken

Every year, beginning in kindergarten up until high school graduation, picture day at school rolls around. Knowing what colors wor...

How to Make a Schoolgirl Outfit

A schoolgirl outfit is one of the quintessential styles that has maintained its relevance through the present day. Not much has ch...

Should Petite Girls Wear Ankle Boots With Leggings?

Dressing to suit your body type can be difficult, especially when you're dealing with a piece like leggings; they'll highlight eve...

Proper Attire for High School Graduation

The end of the school year is a time of celebration for high school seniors and their families. Graduation season can also be a he...

What To Wear When Girls Snowboard and Ski

Hit the slopes in style with the right gear. If you're taking a ski or snowboard trip, stay warm, functional and fashionable by ch...
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