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What Are the 4 Stages of Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition in which the tissue of the liver slowly deteriorates. As a result of chronic damage, non-fun...

What Are the Treatments for Ascites Secondary to Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is irreversible damage to the cells in the liver from scarring. Cirrhosis can be caused by hepatitis C infection, alcoho...

Diet for Portal Hypertension

Portal hypertension is an increase in pressure within the portal vein that carries blood from the digestive organs to the liver. T...

Diet for Liver Shunts

Liver diseases are responsible for a significant number of deaths each year in the United States. Liver transplants are sometimes ...

How Many Drinks Per Day Cause Cirrhosis of the Liver?

Chronic liver damage from heavy drinking can cause a condition called cirrhosis of the liver. With cirrhosis, scar tissue replaces...

Malnutrition & Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis -- or scarring of the liver -- is a serious disease that can block the blood and bile flow from your liver; in severe ca...

Diuretic Use in Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis, the third-leading cause of death in the United States, describes a chronic liver disease characterized by the buildup o...

Green Tea for Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a chronic health condition that can both reduce your ability to remove toxins from the blood and digest certain...

End-Stage Cirrhosis Symptoms

Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition that causes permanent scarring of the liver. While a number of contributors can lead to cirr...

What Diets Are Healthy for Stage Four Cirrhosis of the Liver?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition that starts as primary biliary cirrhosis, in which your liver's bile ducts are slowly destro...
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