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Clothing Care

How to Refurbish a Black Leather Purse

Black leather is a classic, timeless and popular material for a wide variety of purses -- from little clutches to larger accessory...

Making a Sergeant Pepper Outfit

The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," released June 1, 1967, was a flowering of independence and creativ...

How to Keep Your Shoes From Getting Muddy

Pouncing in mud puddles seems like an exciting activity when you're a child; not so much when you become an adult. The unexpected ...

Signs of Poor Fitting Shoes

Shoes that don't fit correctly may look good, but they won't feel good. As soon as you slip a on new pair of shoes, ascertain whet...

DIY Easy Faux Fur Lining for a Hoodie

Customizing your clothing with new buttons or trim is a great way to update your wardrobe without spending too much cash. Give you...

How to Dye a Cotton-Polyester Mix Fabric

While many dyes are made specifically for natural fibers, with the right dye, you can dye fiber blends, including cotton-polyester...

How to Fix a Neck Tie

A silky tie sets off the neck but this accessory should be worn neatly. A messy tie can make you appear sloppy or disheveled. Whet...

Can You Resew Pants for a Better Fit?

If you were born with a body that isn't model-perfect, finding pants to fit you well might be a challenge. You might need to find ...

What Are the Differences Between Fills in a Down Jacket?

When you think of a down jacket, you think of fluffy layers of goose feathers; but there are many different "fills" that...

What Is a Good Way to Break In Danner Boots?

Danner boots are built to last, but the same leather that keeps them tough can also chafe your feet and cause painful blisters. Co...
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