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What Are the Causes of Ischemic Colitis?

When blood flow to the large intestine, or bowel, is interrupted, it may become inflamed. This condition is known as ischemic coli...

Diseases From Pork That Pass to Humans

Pork is a healthy source of protein, iron and zinc, but must be cooked properly to avoid illness. According to the United States D...

Different Types of Colitis

Colitis is defined by the University of Maryland Medical Center as the swelling of the colon, part of the large intestine. While i...

Symptoms of Eosinophilic Colitis

Eosinophilic colitis is a digestive disorder characterized by a high number of eosinophils in the large intestine. Eosinophils are...

Diet Restrictions with Ischemic Colitis

Ischemic colitis differs from ulcerative colitis and other bowel diseases. Ischemic colitis develops when blood flow to a part of ...

The Effects of Having Lice

Lice are common parasitic insects that easily spread from person to person, live on the head and feed off blood in the scalp. Thes...

List of Pathogenic Diseases

A pathogen is a biological agent, or germ, that causes disease to its host by interrupting normal body processes. Bacteria, viruse...

The Best Probiotics for Colitis

Interest in the therapeutic possibilities of probiotics is high in both scientific and consumer circles. Probiotics are friendly b...

Are There Herbs for Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis, often simply called colitis, is a chronic large intestine disorder characterized by ulcers and inflammation in...

Lymphocytic Colitis

Lymphatic colitis, which is more commonly referred to as lymphocytic colitis, is an inflammatory condition that affects the colon ...
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