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Cross Country Skiing

The Best Skate Skis

Skate skiing was developed in the 1970s by Finnish cross-country racer Pauli Siitonen as a way to make up time after losing his gr...

Cross-Country Skiing Tips for Beginners

During the cold-weather months, many turn to outdoor sports, including cross-country skiing, to stay active. Unlike alpine or slal...

Proper Length of Cross Country Skis

Cross-country skis that are the proper length will ensure that the ski is working at its optimal level and doing what it is design...

Extreme Cold Weather Gear for Women

When temperatures drop below freezing, safety becomes the most important consideration for choosing gear, particularly clothing, f...

What to Wear for a Winter Workout?

Whether you're running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or just going for a walk, dressing for the cold is crucial to maint...

Proper Sizing of Cross-Country Ski Poles

Cross-country ski poles are longer than their alpine, or downhill, counterparts to aid in pushing, and are comosed of four major p...

How to Size Cross Country Skis for Kids

Cross-country skiing provides you and your kids with an effective, low-impact, aerobic and calorie burning workout. To make your f...

Snowshoes Vs. Cross Country Skis

Snowshoes and cross-country skis enable winter recreation. The sports associated with this type of gear do not require lift access...
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