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Hammer Curls vs. Barbell Curls

Hammer curls and barbell curls recruit the same collection of muscles. However, they differ slightly in technique and the weighted...

Clicking Problems in the Wrists

Your wrist may make clicking noises for a variety of reasons. Injuries, arthritis or wrist instability are possible causes for cli...

3 Steps to Bigger Arms

Listen, I’ve been training guys for decades. Some are NFL players and MMA champs, others have been scrawny high schoolers. B...

4 Weeks to A Stronger & Healthier Back

The mirror reveals many things. Sometimes, you like what you see (your favorite shirt, a good hair day). Other times, you don...

Build a Better Body: 4 Weeks to Stronger Legs

Your legs and offensive linemen have a lot in common. They aren’t flashy, people rarely talk about them and they’ll ne...

6 Moves for Strong Shoulders

These days, everyone talks about the weight on their shoulders—whether it be from jobs, family, or the 73,000 emails they re...

2 Workouts for a More Powerful Chest

With the exception of parents who are asked which of their children they love more, very few things in life are neutral. The same ...
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