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Dads and Pregnancy

Can Diet Increase Sperm Motility?

If you're dealing with male infertility, assessing the contents of your dinner plate could possibly improve your semen analysis, i...

Can a Paternity Test Be Done While the Baby Is Still in the Hospital?

Paternity testing can change the life of a child as well as the lives of the adults tested. Paternity testing provides highly accu...

What Vitamins Do Men Need for Healthy Sperm?

When it comes to getting pregnant, almost all of the attention is directed to women. Intense focus is given to nutrition and makin...

How to Get a Paternity Test

A paternity test is used to examine the DNA of the mother, child and potential father to determine whether the man has fathered th...

Gift Ideas for a Soon-to-Be Dad

Pregnant moms tend to get most of the attention. They are doing the hard work by carrying the baby for nine months, but you should...

What is a Surrogate Father?

The term “surrogate father” has at least three different meanings. One must surmise the particular meaning based on t...

Gifts for the First-Time Dad

It's common for newborns and new moms to get lots of attention (and rightfully so) with a first-time birth. However, it's also imp...
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