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Diving Board Installation Instructions

The American Red Cross recommends that head-first diving only be attempted in pools with a depth greater than 9 feet. Installing a...

Diving Board Depth Safety

Diving boards can provide you and your children with hours of fun in your backyard or community swimming pool. Pools constructed f...

Vertigo During Diving

The word “vertigo” can describe a feeling of spinning or motion as well as feelings of lightheadedness, dizziness and ...

Difference Between a Snorkeling & Dive Mask

To the outside observer, snorkeling and scuba diving masks are no different from one another. But there are subtle variations that...

How to Dive Off a Diving Board

Learning how to properly dive off a diving board is essential for avoiding possible injury. An average of 6,500 children and young...

The History of Diving Suits

Before space became the final frontier for mankind, a different forbidding environment captured the imagination of the history's g...

How to Keep Your Snorkel Mask From Fogging Up

A fogged snorkel mask is annoying: Treading water while attempting to clear the haze takes the fun out of diving. Fogging occurs w...

List of Diving Board Tricks

Practicing safe methods of diving is great alternative exercise or just a fine way to impress onlookers at the local swimming pool...

Why Should I Wear Dive Boots?

Scuba divers and snorkelers wear dive boots, also called wetsuit boots or booties, for warmth, comfort and protection. Dive boots ...
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