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Divorce and Children

How to Gain Custody of Your Children Without a Divorce

Two common situations exist through which you can obtain custody of your children in the absence of a divorce proceeding, accordin...

Child Custody Schedules & Their Psychological Effects on Children

As difficult as a divorce is on the adults involved, adding children to the mix presents an additional set of challenges. While yo...

How Fighting Between Divorced Parents Affects Children

Life after divorce can be difficult to navigate. Custody battles, alimony, child support and visitations make it difficult to carr...

Fun Activities for Kids Who Are Dealing With Their Parents' Divorce

While some couples may stay together to raise their children, slightly more than 40 percent of first marriages in America end in d...

The Long-Term Effects of Divorce on Children

According to the American Psychological Association, being raised by happily married parents shelters children from mental, physic...
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