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Eye Color

What Causes Eye Color?

Eye color in humans varies from very light to very dark. Eye color should more accurately be called iris color, since the iris, th...

When Does a Baby's Eye Color Change?

Many babies--especially Caucasian infants--have blue eyes when they enter the world, even though most of them will not have blue e...

Causes of an Eye Color Change

The color of the iris of the eye is determined by genetics -- children can have totally different eye colors than their parents. E...

How to Determine Eye Color in Children

Our genetics determine many of our physical features, and scientists have mapped the genes that determine our eye color. By lookin...

What Makes Eye Color Develop?

A person's eye color can range from various shades of blue, green, hazel and brown to almost black. The darker colors are mor...

Eye Color Change Due to Diet

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes through your diet? Claims have been made that some people experienced improved vis...

Can Shining a Flash Light in Eyes Damage Them?

With typical outputs of 10 to 20 lumen, flashlights pose little or no threat to the eyes. One reason for this is the built-in defe...
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