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Eye Dilation

Causes of Dilated Pupils

The pupil is the large black circle that is in the center of each eye. It widens and narrows naturally in response to changes in t...

I Have a Sour Stomach & Numbing of the Tongue

A sour stomach describes a condition more commonly known as indigestion. Simple indigestion may be brought on by triggers such as ...

Side Effects of Numbing Eye Drops

During an eye exam, the doctor may use a drop that numbs the surface of the eye. These drops may help the doctor check the eye pre...

Dilated Eyes When Exercising

The size of your pupils fluctuates dozens of time during the day in response to changing light. Assuming you're not exercising in ...

Side Effects of Refresh Eye Drops

Dry eyes can leave your eyes feeling itchy and looking red. The Refresh company offers eye drops to help combat chronic dry eye co...
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