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Eye Diseases

List of Common Eye Diseases

An old cliche says that the eyes are "windows to the soul," but sometimes those windows can become problematic. Bacteria...

Deadly Eye Diseases

Many eye diseases can cause blindness over time in the affected eye if not treated. As noted in an article by Drs. Prabhat K. Pokh...

Diseases to the Eye from Poking

A poke in the eye can be more than painful; it can lead to vision loss or even loss of the eye itself. Any blow to the eye should ...

Most Common Eye Diseases in Seniors

With age, many systems in the body begin to change and not function as well as they once did. This includes the eyes. However, it ...

Eye Diseases That Cause Blindness

The human eye is a complex organ that consists of three layers of tissue. The outer layer, known as the sclerotic coat, is the tou...

Eye Diseases in Newborns

Congenital eye defects are present from birth or shortly after. Most eye problems are not serious and are easily cured, but some r...

Rare Ocular Eye Diseases

The eye is an intricate organ that can be damaged by a number of different types of disease processes. Infections of the eye, gene...

Highly Contagious Eye Diseases

Eye infections can occur as a result of allergic reaction or environmental exposure to toxins. However, most are due to exposure t...

Autoimmune Eye Diseases

The immune system works to protect the body from foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. Sometimes, however, the cells of ...

Strange Eye Diseases

The eyes are complex organs that can be affected by many diseases. Blurred vision, double vision and blindness are common symptoms...
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